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Nov 29, 2012 9:00pm PST
this is unusual would be a mild under statement where you play the same team twice in a row in the span of 6 days. challenge for the coach make sure your guy's don't go in over confident big concern for establish ford and they have to be wondering also if the bruins maybe held something back last week. >> started by the coaches just to make sure that our guys put that last game behind them and we prepare like this is a new opponent and we don't have to scp our game plan but there are things we didn't do well that we want to do better. things we did well we want to do better always. >> cal receiver allen tweeted today he made his decision but did not reveal it. allen a junior one of the best receiv receiveers in the country 61 catches this year. 6 touch downs. a lock to be first in the drchlt he will be turning pro. louisville and rutgers headed to orange bowl late in the third quarter. down 14-3. their quarterbacunder pressure. shum bell it off to wrichlt into the end zone. cut the lead to 14-10. fumble the kick off. playing with broken left wrist. he throws right. beautiful pass to t
Nov 30, 2012 12:30am PST
seminar third year in a row has gotten a lot of attention. we have a lot of new people who haven't been here for the past couple years, we have a lot of people who have been here for the last 3 years, and one of the major consistent people who has been behind this whole program is the chairman of the san francisco fleet week association, general -- major general mike myers who i'm going to ask to come up and make is remarks. >> thank you, lewis. when i accepted the responsibilities for organizing san francisco's fleet week, the guidance given to me by our honorary co-chair was bring the fleet back to fleet week and make it productive with a mission. lewis has played a big part. i would like to introduce the third fleet commander, this is his ship, we're grateful to be on the ship and had the third fleet with us, please help me welcome vice admiral gerald beeman. >> good morning, everybody, thank you so very much for joining us. i know some of you thought i was the warm up band for the rock stars that are going to be here lately. but honestly it's a great honor to be able to host t
FOX News
Dec 3, 2012 12:00am PST
tough questions . it has been a a while since i was grilled and since i am guest host and i can't play a bass guitar. i am take questions. only person missing is helen thomas and sit negligent front row and she and i were good friends believe it or not. who is it first. >> hi, dana, i am richard from dallas and got an easy one. you are obviously lovely intelligent nice person, is it difficult to tolerate bob beckel every day? >> very. >> bob and i used to take the train back and forth when we commute benefit we moved to new york. we were in dc and go back together on the train and we got to know each other very well and he is it a lovely anderous person . no one kinder to me on night when the republicans lost toe so badly. we were sitting together when megan and bret had their panel and i look over at him. bob, it is really bad and he would look over it is it already kid. he was so kind and never once gloted and bob beckle is one of the best friends i have ever had. just don't tell him that. >> my name is jeff snider and came from east tennessee to be here to ask this question. you wer
Nov 30, 2012 4:00pm EST
was this is the third one in a row. eds was written down completely. palm clearly didn't help in terms of the personal products and the personal computing space. now autonomy. so to me, that suggests not just a single problem with an acquisition but maybe a systemic set of problems. >> so a systemic set of problems. is that leadership? is that just, you know, failed vision? is the autonomy deal one that you would have ever done, for example? >> well, look, it's very difficult to answer hypotheticals like that because i wasn't in the boardroom, i didn't know what they were looking at. however, i will say this. the autonomy deal at the time it was done was done for cash at a time when the cash generating capability of the company was weaker than it had been. it was a lot of money, more than many people thought the company was worth. i think it's less now a question of who's to blame and more honestly starting with the board working to restore confidence in its processes. it's a board that has systematically destroyed value over many years. i think the board needs to do some very specific things now. >>
Dec 3, 2012 10:00pm PST
and they don't know exactly who it is, but somebody pretty rich. sightseeing along what is known as the gold coast, billionaire's row. >> if it is billionaire's row, then it's got to be a steal. >> reporter: it would be the fourth nearby house in the gazillion dollar range sold this year. >> what the consumer is doing at the very top level is, you know, the fiscal cliff doesn't seem to be apparently an issue for them. >> reporter: a potential change in capital gains taxes coming up, maybe that was a driving force for the sale this time or not. the rich may be like you and me, they have enough money to not care about such a thing. mike sugerman, cbs a. >>> let's check in with your weather. i heard you got a little rain? >> yeah, a couple drops times six million. we got a lot of rain. let me catch you up. seven inches of rain, but ten inches of rain in napa. you know this, you have dealt with it all over the past several days. that's done. a little bit of rain in the forecast, but nothing like the five days of rain we just went through and wrapped up. oakland right now, 55. cloudy. san franci
Dec 3, 2012 5:00pm PST
be having ballroom dancing parties. >> reporter: we don't know who the new owner will be. somebody rich. they were sightseeing along what's known as the gold coast, billionaires row. >> i said if it's billionaires row it's got to be a steal. >> reporter: it would be the fourth near my house in gazillion dollar range sold this year one sold by the realtor. >> what the consumer is doing at the top level, the "fiscal cliff" isn't an issue for them. >> reporter: a potential change in capital gains tax coming up? maybe that was the driving force for the sale this time, or not. the rich may be like us. but they have enough money not to care about such things. mike sugerman, cbs 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,, francisco... ken, despite being more thaa month late, a world series t has been settled. "time with the junior gianto talk about thi >>> let's go live to mobile5. ken bastida in san francisco. >> ken, despite being more than a month late, a world series bet has now been settled? >> reporter: yup. it was put up or shut up. you heard that, liz, when were you a kid, right? betting other kids around the sch
Dec 3, 2012 1:00pm PST
are getting closer and closer to these boats. >> they're in kayaks. they're in small, little, tiny boats.t( >> these small boats are about to get a close look at these big creatures. watch this. getting a little concerned they're coming straight for us. >> oh my god. >> they swam underneath this row of boats and almost hits the guy operating the camera here and you see the killer whales going their way. >> he's the perfect camera guy for breaking news. he keptxd photographing even though he feared for his life. >> i can't even imagine. >> you're sitting there in this tiny boat and you know you can get dumped over any minute. it's getting super close to youv >> the size. the whale larger than three kayaks tied together. >> whalesfá are nice. when you're in a kayak, you don't know where they're going to surface. >> let's give that guy a peabody award for filming that without breaking a sweat even though he was heigright in the middle of"yrñ you probably re video from woio back in october. a man and his son were imitating and making fun of a 10-year-old girl wither cerebral pal
FOX Business
Dec 5, 2012 4:00pm EST
-shot deal. we had it four years in a row. when will it end? more on that coming up. having you ship my gifts couldn't be easier. well, having a ton of locations doesn't hurt. and a santa to boot [ chuckles ] right, baby. oh, sir. that is a customer. oh...sorry about that. [ malannouncer ] break from the holiday stress. fedex offic >> i'm robert gray with your fox business brief. eastman kodak has reportedly gotten a more than $500 million bid for its patents. "the wall street journal" reports the deal would satisfy a key term for the company to emerge from bankruptcy. >>> caesar's entertainment can now operate online poker in nevada. the state's gaming board approved caesar's license the company has the largest share of the u.s. physical casino market. caesar's is working with a british online banking firm to expand its internet gambling presence. >>> dame elizabeth murdoch has died. the mother of news corp executive rupert murdoch. she donated money to more than 100 charities. she was 103 years old. news corp is the parent company of the fox business network. that is the latest from the fox
Nov 30, 2012 4:00pm PST
of the hottest collaborations revealing target numan >>> raiders suspended row lando maclaine for two game, two days after he was sent home from practice. raiders haven't said yes is being punished. maclaine struggled on the field as well as off of it include ang assault year. those charges were dropped last month this is doubtful he's going to be back on the field as a raider. nfl fined four raiders for this brawl. all hit with $26,000 fines for the brawl that took place. >> u.s. customs office is stepping up to keep dangerous toys from coming. >> the united states. authorities taking toys right out of the boxes and testing them. some of what they're doing looked like fun but work is deadly serious and could save your child's live. >> this is showing there is a high content of led that. is something children could engist. >> this is video provided by official who's have seized two million toys and products. lead levels they found are a thousand times higher than u.s. federal standards allow. among red flags, pricey-looking toy that's seem too inexpensive. >> continuing michael winnie said to h
FOX News
Dec 1, 2012 6:00pm PST
, markets are going to worry whether the government can lead. >> i don't have any stocks. i don't care about the market. what does it mean to me, john doe. >> your tax goes up. moyer payroll taxes. >> pay rowe taxes are go up anyway obamacare kicks in and we're going to have a reduction on social security taxes. that's going to happen anyway. that's not the real issue at stake here. what we have going on with the country -- the politicians tearing each other apart or fighting as usuals is really over mastery, and this last few days is critical. what happened is the republicans want to step into the trap set for them by the democrats, which is, as the spider said to the fly, step into my parlor. and the republicans have a big hammer. when barack obama went out and overreached. this idea he should set the debt limit. if i were a republican, i would say stop everything. we're going to fight. >> i think the rep -- republicans have a communication problem. when the president gets up, he talks about middle class family and the ohio. i get it. then the republicans say, economy, and the debt ceiling
Dec 4, 2012 12:00am PST
is reporting big sales gains. dodge is up for the 32nd month in a row. chrysler sales up 14% over last year. the hyundai plant in alabama is running at full capacity and can't keep pace with demand. there's no question the economy is coming back with president obama in charge. and there's one more thing we need to set the record straight on and that is -- >> my dad was head of a car company. i like american cars. i would do nothing to hurt the u.s. auto industry. >> nothing. the car lover is now driving a brand new audi q7. is that it? romney is spotted in san diego climbing into this brand new $46,000 ride? this car is made in slovakia. the economy is on the road to recovery. let's bring in sam stein, reporter for "the huffington post." there's so much evidence that the republicans had the wrong narrative during the election. they have the wrong narrative right now. this should be really a boom for the democrats right now in the conversation world, shouldn't it? >> yeah, like you mentioned, consumer confidence is growing. the wind is at the president's back with respect to how people perce
FOX Business
Dec 3, 2012 8:00pm EST
years in the row best place to work, they retain their -- >> the-- >> how do you know? you your little darling may be someone else's pain in the butt. >> you don't bridge your dog to work unless you are willing to sign a form. so anyway. neil: that says what? >> you assume responsibility for the dog. and the dog's actions. neil: but if i say, john, do have you that report for me yet, no i'm just with my little -- >> that is not -- more often than not, if you walk into anybody's office there, fido is sleeping in the corner, but, they are there, it creates a different work environment. people don't have that brittle edge that you have. if i had a dog -- >> your dogs are privately wined and dined. but, can you imagine how loud it is. >> i go back to concept of dogs, are not born with oh, bead yen degree -- oh oh, bead yen degre, there is no such thing as a bad dog there are bad owners. neil: you met a dog did you not like? about yes. neil: if your cubical mate took it to work. >> the dog stays conditios conde cube call -- stays within the cubical. and there is a working environment and ru
Search Results 84 to 102 of about 133 (some duplicates have been removed)